Compliance relies on Integrity and Prevention

Article: Compliance relies on Integrity and Prevention

The DB Group is committed to comply with international and national law. Furthermore, the Group has defined DB's Code of Conduct - ethical standards for business behaviour that are anchored throughout the company.

For DB, Compliance signifies risk management focused on prevention. Being a fair and reliable business partner, our main goal is to avert possible compliance violations. Thus, Compliance is an essential part of the risk management of the DB Group with an emphasis on the prevention of corruption and white collar crime.

The following film illustrates our concept:

The Compliance Organization is headed by Lutz Cauers, DB’s Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and consists of a central Compliance Organization and decentralized Compliance functions worldwide (Compliance Officers and Compliance managers).

DB's Code of Conduct defines standards and expectations for all business activities of our employees and managers. Our managers act as role models in this respect.

  • Benefits – Give and Take
    Transparent guidelines on how to deal with benefits from third parties or gratuities from the company itself
  • Protecting assets
    Guideline on protecting business and trade secrets as well as DB Group’s assets
  • Cartel law / Price fixing
    Information and guidelines for how to avoid competition-restricting agreements, price fixing and offers that restrict fair competition
  • Agents, brokers, consultants
    Rules on both cooperation and selection
  • Potential Conflicts of interest
    Guidelines on how to avoid conflicts of interests i.e. between private interests of employees and its employer
  • Export Controls
    Compliance with applicable laws, regulations and provisions relating to export controls