Diversity stakeholders

Article: Diversity stakeholders

Our DB networks enrich our work at Diversity Management and work with us to enhance Deutsche Bahn's business units. But how is diversity organized in an international enterprise with some 220,000 employees in Germany?

H is for human at Deutsche Bahn. With genuine humanity, Martin Seiler, head of the H Division and Board Member for Human Resources and Legal Affairs at Deutsche Bahn, takes a stand to support and connect with his employees. Seiler has been strengthening togetherness at DB and sending a clear signal by expanding Diversity Management: diversity is a permanent focus of DB's HR strategy, a station on the way to our mobile future. In 2019, diversity was anchored in DB's new overarching strategy, Germany needs Strong Rail.  With its adoption by the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, the matter has even stronger backing.  

Christine Epler is Deutsche Bahn's diversity officer and leads with a strategy of inclusion and belonging. In Group Management, HR Strategy and Diversity Management focuses on positioning and implementing broadly applicable, strategically relevant topics through appropriate projects, programs, management information, and a regular strategy review so that diversity is always taken into consideration. However, to a large extent diversity is implemented on the ground by our diversity managers in the business units and the various HR functions, which are organized throughout Germany. Their goal, together with us and with diversity as a backdrop, is to constantly redefine and exemplify HR products, campaigns and activities with an eye to the satisfaction of all employees. This makes them strong partners for Seiler, Epler and Diversity Management.

Employee networks  

Initiating cultural change through networks 

Generating diversity for companies means not only advertising for and recruiting different personalities, but also exemplifying tolerance, respect and understanding among existing employees. Strong collaborative forums are essential for this, so our employee networks are particularly important for the achievement of our diversity goals. They initiate new processes and advise Diversity Management, thus making an important contribution to real changes in DB's corporate culture. 

DB Women's Network

The DB Women's Network is a movement of female Deutsche Bahn employees who meet locally and across sites and divisions to get acquainted, engage in dialogue and provide mutual support. Its activities include sharing information on jobs and careers, work-life balance and DB-specific issues. In addition, it organizes discussion and training events locally, often inviting leading external government, business and cultural figures.


Railbow is DB's LGBTIQ* employee network. Its goals are to reduce prejudice, promote mutual respect, create a positive working environment and connect employees. It organizes meetings at the regional level on a regular basis. The network also organizes numerous activities such as DB's participation in Christopher Street Days and fundraising campaigns for Deutsche Aidshilfe, a charity that helps people living with AIDS.

DB Cultures

With language lunches and information events on intercultural cooperation, the DB Cultures employee network promotes understanding, tolerance and respect for other cultures, revealing the potential of cultural diversity and international experience within the DB Group.