Article: Mobimeo

Changing the way cities move

Mobimeo's mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) platform brings public transport, sharing services and on-demand offerings together in a single app. It gives users better access to the entire range of mobility offerings and is a straightforward tool for booking and managing transportation needs.

Working together on tomorrow's mobility solutions

Mobility is part of Mobimeo's DNA. Over the past few years, this pioneering company has become one of Europe's biggest names in developing platforms for MaaS solutions. Partnering transportation companies, transport authorities and other mobility service providers, Mobimeo works with its customers to design digital solutions that deliver what customers want on a day-to-day basis.

Continuous app analysis and a steady stream of user feedback supply the raw data for developing functions that users really need and that impress customers by providing a great user experience (UX) in addition to an intuitive user interface (UI). Mobimeo is always upgrading and improving its products so they meet the demands of today's travelers.

Looking for routes: Combining public transport with sharing and on-demand alternatives

For many users, the sheer range of mobility offerings in our towns and cities can be overwhelming. Mobimeo is here to help. It uses a single app to display public transport services alongside sharing and on-demand options, so making the right choice becomes a lot easier. Less is more: The apps on Mobimeo's MaaS platform only show relevant connections, taking a user's personal preferences into account and giving him or her a clear, concise overview of what transportation is available. This system also supports the flexible integration of local routing services so that it always has up-to-date information for travelers.

Park+Ride instead of stop+start

Every year in Germany, car drivers waste an average of 41 hours looking for parking. Commuters also face traffic jams, expensive parking fees and rising travel costs when going to and from home. Mobimeo's Park+Ride function helps these people to make the change to public transport. Not only does the app show them the probable availability of parking spots at their destination, but it also displays the nearest Park+Ride parking lots for drivers who want to use intermodal transportation services. Users can count on detailed information, such as parking spot availability, fees and payment options, to help them make the best decision. This feature can also integrate regional data sources.

Tickets made easy

Transportation authorities' complex pricing systems can cause real headaches for users. Route-based ticketing makes struggling to find the best fare a thing of the past. Users who already know the ticket they need can simply buy it contactlessly via the ticket shop. All they need to do is complete the quick registration process beforehand and select their preferred payment option.

Mobimeo's apps aren't just ideal for route-based tickets. Whether a specific public transport network uses zones, honeycombs or rings is irrelevant: The apps can cater to every commonly used ticketing system and integrate its fare calculation algorithms. Ticket design meets the relevant guidelines and the standards specified by the Association of German Transport Companies.

Mobimeo's products meet your brand's orporate design specifications

Mobimeo develops white label apps that can be configured to match a service provider's own corporate design so these products can continue to offer users the familiar look and feel of the provider's brand.

Colors are one of the most important elements. Every configuration has two to three key colors that are applied to selected UI components, such as buttons, illustrations and other visually significant features.

Live navigation: Companion, the public transport navigation system

Using buses, trains and trams can be unexpectedly stressful, particularly when you have to transfer or deal with changes to your itinerary. Companion is a feature that not only knows the best connection, but it also supports users as they make their way from A to B. It alerts them to the best doors to use when boarding and alighting or what station entrances or exits are the most practical. Push notifications remind them when to get on, off or transfer while traveling, even if the app is merely running in the background. Barrier-free usage is available in the form of audio navigation. In the event of a delay or disruption, the app suggests alternative routes that are guaranteed to get users to their destinations in good time.

Route alerts: Information about delays, disruptions and construction work

Users need news about delays, disruptions or construction work on the routes they use regularly, such as their commute to and from work, so they can arrive on time and with minimum stress. They can use Mobimeo's route alerts function to save routes and monitor the relevant connections. This service uses push notifications to automatically provide them with information about delays, construction and other problems, all in good time before they start traveling. It also suggests alternatives that will get them to their destinations as quickly as possible, making it an invaluable assistant for public transport users.