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Not only is the way we work changing; where we work is changing, too

New collaboration methods and creative methods like design thinking, agility and self-organization are transforming how we work. The way work is being transformed is determined largely by digitalization. And that means that workplaces and office environments are changing, too. Open space concepts and coworking are now commonplace at the DB Group. Coworking aims to offer employees the environment and framework they need to drive innovation for DB. Another advantage of coworking, especially in Berlin, is the direct access to the startup scene and unique networking opportunities since so many industries work closely together.

Digital Base

One example is our Digital Base, which we moved into at the end of 2018. The new location for our digital business is just a stone's throw from Group headquarters at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The building has room for up to 350 workstations on nine floors as well as meeting and event spaces. The office is operated by coworking provider WeWork.

DB has hired a number of new employees, especially in digitalization, and it plans to continue to grow. For now, DB's locations do not always have enough office space. Coworking spaces are a great and flexible way for DB to cover its workspace needs. The arrangement is based on a partnership with operators. It is important that DB standards are maintained when it comes to things like occupational health and safety and workplace furnishings and equipment. Our focus is also on developing our own space further. DB Systel's Skydeck has coworking workstations, for example, and at DB mindbox under the arches of Berlin's Jannowitzbrücke station, DB employees work side by side with startups.

DB, coworking provider

Train stations are ideal locations for mobile and agile work. They are centrally located and busy. They benefit commuters and business travelers in particular. A coworking popup at Berlin Central, which was made available at no cost to travelers and station visitors, was very well received. DB is currently working on specific ideas for coworking space at stations. Discussions are already under way and DB is planning to open its first spaces in 2019.

Pop-up work space at Berlin Central