ICE Portal


ICE Portal

Travel information, news and entertainment

The ICE Portal opens automatically when passengers connect to Wi-Fi on board. It provides all important information about the train and route as well as extensive infotainment. In addition to train information, such as the train's expected arrival time, connecting trains, the train's GPS position and travel alternatives, the ICE Portal also offers German TV news and tips as well as products and services relating to the best travel destinations. The on-board program has different information sections and an electronic kiosk with various newspapers, audiobooks and radio dramas. It also features a rotating selection of 50 movies and TV episodes thanks to a long-term strategic partnership with maxdome, a German video-on-demand provider.

The ICE Portal offers the following content:

  • News, including the "Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden" news program
  • Games: a selection of 20 online games
  • Audio dramas and audio books: ten titles in different genres, including for children
  • City guides: guide books for select cities on ICE routes
  • Travel and discovery: Reisen & Entdecken travel magazine with audio and text
  • Reading: new works and authors in different genres
  • Newspaper kiosk: the day's newspapers, available as e-papers (fee-based)
  • Traveling with DB: on-board restaurant menu and information about DB
  • Children: games, comics, stories to read aloud
  • Journey tracker: information about the current journey and connections in real time