Supplier registration



Supplier registration

Here you can directly reach our web portal for the DB supplier qualification. Submit an application for supplier qualification for your company’s range of services.

If you would like to register as a supplier for Vehicles or for Spare Parts for Trains and Vehicles, please register here:

Excluded are our prequalification product groups

  • Regional Locomotive Maintenance with QS
  • Regional Multiple Unit Maintenance with QS
  • Regional Passenger Car Maintenance with QS
  • Locomotive Rental

please continue to qualify for the above mentioned product groups via the following link:

DB supplier qualification – web portal

For all other commodities, please register here:

DB supplier qualification – web portal (external site only in german)

(Please use either Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE 8/9) or Mozilla Firefox (from Version 4.0 on))

Please note that an advanced supplier qualification over the web portal is not required for every category. The excluded categories are listed in the document below. 

(only in german)

In these categories a supplier qualifies himself during a specific tender. Once awarded the contract, he will be added as a qualified supplier in the corresponding category. The validity of the supplier qualification in these categories extends itself after every order.

You can find information about and access to Deutsche Bahn’s current tenders on our “DB Tender Portal” or for example on the EU SIMAP platform. (see Links, right side).