Good, better ... DB suppliers


Good, better ... DB suppliers

We optimise our supplier pool in terms of quality and quantity.

This entails reaching individual development agreements within the Supplier Development or Adjustment. After all, we all want to further our on-going development.

We advocate continuous development of business relations with both existing and new suppliers. Here we concentrate on all purchasing activities that help to tap into new or further performance optimisation of existing suppliers. Our development measures can therefore take place before or during qualification, after orders have been placed or after the supplier appraisal process.

Once we have obtained the appraisal result and the classification in the respective supplier class, there are four basic possible development strategies.

Development strategies

The complete development process takes place along the lines of fair partnership and on a voluntary basis according to the principles of the award procedures. Agreements reached with the supplier are implemented and rounded off by providing the supplier with information about the development results.