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DB Services

The Services Business Unit covers six different sectors: DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung (Vehicle Maintenance), DB Systel (ICT), DB Services, DB Fuhrpark (Motor Vehicle Fleet) as well as DB Kommunikationstechnik (Communications) and DB Sicherheit (Security).

Therefore we have bundled our service activities into the DB Services business unit. The business unit encompasses six different areas: DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung (vehicle maintenance), DB Systel, DB Services, DB Fuhrpark (fleet management), as well as DB Kommunikationstechnik (communications technology) and DB Sicherheit (security). DB Group companies are the main customers of the primarily transport related infrastructure management and infrastructure-close services. Non-Group business is aimed above all at optimizing capacity utilization, quality and price benchmarking, and the future positioning of the business unit’s supplementary infrastructure-related offers.
The DB Services business unit’s nationwide service portfolio is consistently geared to the needs of intra-Group customers, with services tailored to specific customers and a high level of quality and performance at prices that are fundamentally aligned to market levels.

  • DB Vehicle Maintenance offers comprehensive inspection and maintenance works as well as conversion, modernization, revision of trains and the reconditioning of components such as wheel sets, bogies or brakes at 15 locations in Germany. DB Waggonbau Niesky is also active in producing freight wagons and components.
  • DB Systel, the IT and telecommunications service provider of DB Group, develops and operates as a full service provider of ground breaking IT and telecommunications solutions for the travel and logistics market. The portfolio covers the whole IT added value chain: from consulting and conception to development right up to opration and support. Apart from DB Group customers, mobile telephone network and landline carriers, DSL providers and cable network operators also use the solutions of DB Systel. The range of services also includes highly safety relevant digital radio networks like the GSM-R network.
  • DB Services is the nationwide leading system service provider for professional facility management and industrial services. The range of services includes professional technical and infrastructural facility management in commercial, administration, transport and industrial buildings. Furthermore the passenger cars in operation are cleaned inside and if necessary outside on a daily basis. DB services non-Group customers include shipping companies, airports and airlines.
  • DB Fleet Management is the mobility and fleet manager of DB Group and one of the leading suppliers with around 26,000 vehicles across Germany. Furthermore DB Fleet Management also carries out mobility and fleet management services for other companies and the German armed forces. With DB Carsharing we offer a comprehensive mobility network in 120 locations with around 2,800 vehicles. With the innovative car sharing model Flinkster we are accommodating urban mobility needs. The bicycle rental system Call a Bike rounds off our range.
  • DB Communication Technology is the specialist in area services in the technical sector. The range of services encompasses maintenance and repair of IT and network technology, safety engineering and multimedia passenger information systems. This also includes automation technology and media services. Due to a close collaboration with various leading system partners, DB Communication Technology is a successful service provider even on the market outside of DB Group.
  • DB Security bundles security functions in DB Group and offers extensive and professional safety and organizational services for travelers, employees, goods, railway property and real estate. DB Security is the leading supplier in the public transport sector in Germany.