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DB Arriva

The DB Arriva Business Unit has been part of the Passenger Transport Board Division since 2011.

All regional transport activities outside Germany have been bundled in this business unit since 1 January 2011. DB Arriva is responsible for the entire passenger transport business with an international character, with the exception of cross-border services. Since 1 January 2011, the DB Bahn Regional Business Unit has handled solely regional transport activities in Germany. This encompasses both rail and road services.

DB Arriva offers bus and/or train services in twelve European countries and has a workforce of more than 38,000 (excluding affiliated companies). The company handles roughly 1.5 billion trips per annum, using more than 16,000 buses, 600 trains and 120 trams. Its business activities are divided amongst the three divisions UK Bus, UK Trains and Mainland Europe.

In addition to those countries in which DB was already active before the takeover (Denmark since 2007, the United Kingdom since 2008 and Sweden since 2010), the DB ML Group is now represented in nine further passenger transport markets after the acquisition of Arriva in 2010. These include Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In July 2011, DB Arriva also took over the entire scheduled bus services in Malta.

DB Arriva holds top positions in several European countries, especially in the bus market. DB Arriva currently ranks in second place in the London bus market (3rd place in the UK as a whole) and is the market leader in the Danish bus market. In Italy, DB Arriva is the largest bus service provider which is not owned by the Italian state or an Italian local authority. It provides rail services in the UK (market share currently approx. 10%) as well as in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Portugal and Poland.

In 2011, DB Arriva won the contract for the operation of urban transport in Stockholm, which will involve the carriage of approx. 100 million passengers in the Swedish capital by bus, tram and train as from 2012/13. At the beginning of 2012 it also won two major contracts for bus services in the Netherlands, which will together account for a volume of more than EUR one billion over the next few years.

The takeover of Arriva has provided the DB ML Group with totally new opportunities in the European passenger transport sector and given it an excellent starting position for the anticipated consolidation and competition on the European passenger transport market.