E-commerce logistics in full swing for Singles' Day and Black Friday

06. November 2023, 15:00 o'Clock

Article: E-commerce logistics in full swing for Singles' Day and Black Friday

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Black Friday and Singles' Day are globally popular shopping days. For e-commerce, they mark the start of the most important period of the year. Bargain hunting and increased shopping volumes lead to a peak in demand for logistics services.  

In China, Singles' Day is celebrated every year on November 11. Black Friday this year is on November 24. 

The media kit is available free of charge for reporting about e-commerce on Black Friday and Singles' Day.  

E-commerce logistics on Singles' Day and Black Friday 

Whether bargain hunting or shopping for Christmas gifts, making an online purchase is just a matter of a few clicks.  

E-commerce logistics encompasses all the logistics involved in online sales. DB Schenker's omni-channel solutions cover all aspects of e-commerce warehousing, from receiving large delivery volumes to orchestrating parcel delivery. 

Andre Lehnen, Global Business Development Manager E-Commerce at DB Schenker answers the most important questions about Black Friday. 

Why are the dates November 11 and November 24 important for DB Schenker? 

Andre Lehnen: "November 11 is Singles' Day in China. That marks their biggest shopping day of the year. Black Friday is on November 24 this year and is the biggest shopping day in the western hemisphere. These events obviously create a large buzz around e-commerce and online shopping. This results in an increase in sales and more work for us as a logistics company." 

How do Singles' Day and Black Friday affect DB Schenker? 

Andre Lehnen: "For us and our customers, it is very important to be prepared in advance. We will be planning for these events probably three or four months ahead of time. We make sure that we have enough stock and inventory, as well as enough people to fulfill all the orders that come in. It is not unusual for us to work day and night during these events." 

What's the way forward for e-commerce and supply chains?  

Andre Lehnen: "As we become a product-led organization, we are constantly innovating our products. This means that we have highly automated e-commerce warehouses with robots, for example, but also digital and data-driven supply chain solutions to respond to both our customers' demands and market trends." 

Are there any new trends in e-commerce?  

Andre Lehnen: "Finding sustainable ways to return goods is becoming more and more important these days. With circular economy products, we encourage our customers to refurbish and resell instead of disposing of them. Given the rising costs and production bottlenecks we are currently experiencing, it is even more important to find ways to reuse products. We see customers becoming more willing to buy second-hand products these days." 

DB Schenker has over 30 e-commerce warehouses worldwide. The variety of items ranges from clothing and sports goods to technical household appliances, computers, tablets and cell phones. DB Schenker handles the logistics of a wide range of manufacturers. During Black Friday and Singles' Day, the increase in sales varies significantly from customer to customer. It can be 40 to 50% higher than in other months. A DB Schenker e-commerce warehouse in China for a well-known fashion brand handled 1.3 million items and almost a million parcels during this period in 2021, for example. 

The footage was shot at the DB Schenker warehouse in Binan in the Philippines. In this warehouse, which also specializes in e-commerce, DB Schenker works for a global sporting goods manufacturer and retailer. The warehouse has around 8,000 square meters of floor space. At this e-commerce and logistic site DB Schenker normally ships around 10,000 orders every day and takes care of the products. Orders naturally increase around the sales periods, weekend campaigns, and Summer and Christmas seasons. 


Innovation: DB Schenker is driving warehouse automation in Sweden 

Knowing which innovative technologies can be applied is important. DB Schenker has successfully implemented AutoStore, an automated goods-to-person system, in order to improve logistics for MQ Marqet, a leading premium fashion retailer in Sweden. The automated online order fulfillment and returns handling solution, which operates in Gothenburg, sets the bar for sustainable and agile logistics and will strengthen DB Schenker's position in e-commerce. 

The automated storage and retrieval system uses warehouse robots to deliver and retrieve bins for operators. It runs on intelligent software that is linked to DB Schenker's warehouse management system. The overall solution also includes a sorting plant and a section for hanging garments for e-commerce and store replenishment operations at MQ Marqet. 

AutoStore is part of DB Schenker's e-commerce portfolio, which is targeted at customers with extensive online business operations who are looking to achieve significant efficiency gains. 

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