GDL strike puts 300 freight trains out of action


GDL strike puts 300 freight trains out of action

13. August 2021, 12:30 o'Clock

Article: GDL strike puts 300 freight trains out of action

Supply lines protected for power plants and key industrial companies: DB Cargo kept important train connections up and running • Work started last night to tackle backlog at marshalling yards

The strike by GDL, the German Train Drivers' Union, inflicted serious damage on Germany's rail freight operations and caused major inconvenience to customers. Industrial action by drivers prevented some 300 DB Cargo trains from running, thereby disrupting supply chains across the country. The impact was also felt elsewhere in Europe, as some trains from outside Germany were left standing at the border when handovers were not possible.

By concentrating all its efforts, DB Cargo was able to safeguard the operation of crucial supply lines throughout the strike, and the company continued to provide services for power stations and major industrial sites.

The strike represents a setback for climate-friendly rail freight transport: it caused uncertainty for customers, who might react by threatening to move their transport activities back to road haulage.

DB Cargo is now working flat out to tackle the backlog of trains.