Sustainability for a strong rail system


Sustainability for a strong rail system

Deutsche Bahn is pursuing an endeavor of fundamental importance – for the climate, for people, for the economy, and for Europe: an endeavor to shift more traffic to rail. And DB's overarching strategy, Strong Rail, will lay the foundation needed in order to be successful in that endeavor.

In light of climate change and growing traffic volumes, rail will become increasingly important in the coming years. We have just nine years left to reverse current climate trends and limit global warming to two degrees Celsius. If we want to make this happen, we will need to shift traffic to climate-friendly rail on a massive scale. Everyone will need to work together to build strong rail: policymakers, the public, industrial production, and especially Deutsche Bahn and all of its employees.

DB's new overarching strategy, Strong rail system, clearly expresses what the DB Group is all about and what path it will be taking in the future. The company will need to restructure and become much more robust, powerful, and pioneering. By this, Deutsche Bahn can live up to its responsibility for strong rail and to its important role in society.

This is why DB also embraces its environmental, economic, and social responsibility as a cornerstone of the company’s identity.

  • Commitment to the environment: for eco-friendly transport solutions and active climate protection.
  • Commitment to business: ensuring that business operations are economically sustainable as well and are able to provide financial stability and a reasonable rate of return.
  • Commitment to society: ensuring ethical, responsible conduct toward all people, with technological progress and digitalization, along our value chain and beyond.

To live up to these commitments, Deutsche Bahn has set ambitious sustainability goals. For example, DB will remain a leading pioneer in climate protection, -using 100% renewable power for all of its rail transports by 2038. The company has also established an overarching organizational structure for sustainability at Deutsche Bahn. Since 2017, CEO Dr. Richard Lutz has taken the role of Chief Sustainability Office of DB Group.

To learn more, please find our current Integrated Report online.