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Quality: the key to sustainable success

DB focuses on customer satisfaction to bring the economic, social and environmental dimensions into harmony for the long term

We want to be a profitable quality leader, top employer and eco-pioneer by 2020. Sustainable business success and social acceptance are absolutely essential for progress and for a future of operational excellence, customer focus and innovative solutions. That's why we have taken our DB2020+ strategy to the next level, for more quality and sustainable success.

We want to be a profitable market leader, top employer and an eco-pioneer by 2020. Before we can reach our goal of becoming the world’s leading mobility and logistics provider, we must first ensure that our company will be successful over the long term and that it achieves widespread acceptance by society.  

We are firmly establishing sustainability in our company's strategy and organization, step by step.

  • To implement our DB2020+ strategy we have developed an integrated target system at Group and business unit level. This will ensure that we will be able to measure our progress and that the sustainability drive is put into action in a balanced way.

  • All business units and service centers have taken DB2020+ as a basis for developing their own strategies, which they have backed by measures.

  • For the first time, beginning in 2013 the variable pay for executives and employees in leadership roles will be based not only on economic success but also on customer and employee satisfaction and environmental results.

  • And for the first time, we have appointed a chief sustainability officer (CSO) at Group level. Dr. Rüdiger Grube will assume this role. The Sustainability Competence Center governs sustainability management in the Group.

Our current Integrated Report is available online.