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Becoming a top employer

By 2020, DB intends to be one of the top ten companies in the German job market. Before it can reach this target, it must achieve a high level of employee satisfaction. After all, a strong image is essential for winning the competition for the best employees.

DB must develop a strong employer brand to attract new employees and overcome the challenges of demographic change. The average age of employees was 46 in 2012; over 40 percent of employees were over 50. DB needs to hire an average of 7,000 new staff each year in Germany to compensate for expected vacancies as employees leave the company or retire. In addition to this, new jobs will be created around the world as the company grows. DB has realigned its recruitment activities in both organizational terms and as regards content, for example by launching an employer campaign for all media and a new career website.

A new corporate culture shaped by a spirit of partnership, routine staff involvement, mutual respect and exemplary leadership has been at the very top of DB's list of priorities since early 2010. The high response rate in the Group-wide employee survey, conducted every two years since 2012, has provided a sound basis for concrete means of making improvements and changes. The results were discussed and implemented in thousands of follow-up workshops. The next employee survey is taking place in autumn 2016.

DB wants to offer employees in the Group innovative development opportunities to encourage them to stay with the company for many years to come. This also entails tailoring its career development activities more closely to each employee's stage in his or her career and life and offering extensive programs to promote good health.

Human Resources is contributing to implementing the DB2020+ strategy and securing the company's future in six areas: strategic HR planning, recruitment, staff development, employment conditions, corporate culture, and optimizing and internationalizing HR activities. The last item accounts primarily for the fact that the Group's global network must increase in light of its growing international business activities.