Bringing switches into the classroom

Deutsche Bahn employs over 8,000 infrastructure maintenance technicians. Half of them will retire by 2026, which means that many new employees will need to be trained. There's no way to bring actual technology, such as switches, into the classroom. That's why the entrepreneurs at VISCOPIC developed a solution to make rail technology accessible. The startup uses augmented reality glasses to project three-dimensional illustrations of "heavyweights" like switch drives into the virtual space. The realistic holograms can be turned in every direction, and virtual buttons can be touched to trigger functions, which are then shown as animations. VISCOPIC's augmented reality solution closes the gap between theory and practice in vocational training and professional development for maintenance technicians at Deutsche Bahn.

VISCOPIC wins innovation award for digital education

VISCOPIC won together with Deutsche Bahn the german innovation prize for digital education, DELINA 2020, with the joint project “3D Durchblick” at LEARNTEC education fair in Karlsruhe. The "3D Durchblick" AR training solution has been offered at DB Netz training centers throughout Germany since May 2018. The partners explain the app in the following video: