Invoicing Information

As a supplier of Deutsche Bahn you are an important partner for our sustainable success. With the help of our group-wide supplier management we ensure together with our partners high quality standards. This also relates to the data quality of invoices. To ensure that invoices are paid within the contractual agreed payment terms, you can find on this portal the relevant DB invoicing requirements.

Electronic Submission of Invoices, Credit Notes and Dunning Letters for selected* Deutsche Bahn entities in Germany

Please note the following information about sending an electronic invoice or credit note. Deutsche Bahn companies, that do not participate in electronic invoicing are listed further below.


  • Please send your invoice, credit note or dunning letter to the following e-mail address:
  • Your e-mail address (sender) must be able to receive replies.
  • The e-mail is not encrypted and contains no digital signature.
  • Each e-mail can only contain one PDF file.
  • The total size of the e-mail (incl. the pdf file) cannot exceed 20 MB.
  • The text in your e-mail will not be processed. All relevant information are included in the PDF file.
  • Invoices with DB taxi/hotel vouchers cannot be sent via e-mail. These vouchers always need to be send as an original by mail.

PDF attachments

  • The PDF document was created as a direct print from your program. Scanned invoices are not accepted.
  • The following types of documents can be e-mailed as an unencrypted PDF file:
    • Invoice
    • Credit note
    • Dunning letter (including invoice copies)
  • Only one invoice, credit note or dunning letter is accepted per email.
  • All pages, appendices and additional information to the invoice are included in the one PDF file.
  • The first page of the document contains the invoice, credit note or dunning letter.
  • The name of the PDF file cannot contain any special characters, e.g. (|“<>?*/ :\).

Invoices as ZUGFeRD attachement

  • Invoices in ZUGFeRD format must be in the Standard Version 1.0.
  • The ZUGFeRD profile used is: „EXTENDED“
  • Invoice attachments are provided as an attached PDF document.
  • The following limitations for the PDF attachment apply:
    • Accepted are only attachments in PDF format
    • A Maximum of 5 PDF attachments can be processed
    • The attached PDF files do not contain additional attachments

List of Deutsche Bahn companies without electronic invoicing

  1. DB Schenker Gesellschaften
  3. DB Cargo BTT GmbH
  4. DB Verwaltungsgesellschaft WBN mbH
  5. Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH
  6. Deutsche TRANSFESA GmbH Internationale Eisenbahn-Spezial-Transporte
  7. DVA Deutsche Verkehrs-Assekuranz-Vermittlungs-GmbH
  8. infraView GmbH
  9. KombiTerminal Burghausen GmbH
  10. MegaHub Lehrte Betreibergesellschaft mbH
  11. QT Mobilitätsservice GmbH
  12. Regionalverkehre Start Deutschland GmbH
  13. Station Food GmbH
  14. Unterstützungskasse der Firma H.M. Gehrckens Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung 
  15. Verkehrsgesellschaft Start Augsburg mbH 
  16. Verkehrsgesellschaft Start Emscher-Münsterland mbH 
  17. Verkehrsgesellschaft Start Niedersachsen mbH
  18. Verkehrsgesellschaft Start NRW mbH 
  19. Verkehrsgesellschaft Start Ostsachsen mbH 
  20. Verkehrsgesellschaft Start Unterelbe mbH

Electronically received invoices, credit notes or dunning letters for these Deutsche Bahn companies cannot be processed and will be rejected.