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DB Bahn Regional

The DB Bahn Regional Business Unit provides a fully comprehensive regional transport work which links conurbation and rural areas.

Regionally oriented transport operations interlock on-site offer planning and provision of services in co-operation with contracting agencies and transport associations. Our aim: an inte-grated regional transport program of rail and bus adapted to the local transport requirements. We built a streamlined, market-aligned organizational structure based on the principles of customer orientation and profitability.
The competitive intensity in the German rail passenger transport market has been very high for years. With coordinated transport concepts, a contemporary fleet and convincing quality and good service we want to defend our market position as the largest regional transport service provider in Germany. We would like to use our broad competence profile for international growth and in this way develop ourselves into a leading international train operating company (TOC) in Europe. After the successful market entry in Great Britain in 2008 due to the acquisition of DB Regio UK, we were able to win the tender for the operation of the Tyne and Wear Metro in Newcastle in Great Britain in the year under review. DB Regio Sverige won the S-Bahn (metro) transport in the Swedish province of Östergötland. Furthermore we built up cross-border transport so that the direct connection Between Dresden and Breslau was suc-cessfully started on March 1, 2009, in co-operation with the Polish PKP PR.