DB Bahn Regional

Article: DB Bahn Regional

The DB Regio Regional Business Unit provides a fully comprehensive regional transport network which links conurbation and rural areas.

Regionally oriented transport operations interlock on-site offer planning and provision of services in co-operation with contracting agencies and transport associations. Our aim: an integrated regional transport program of rail and bus adapted to the local transport requirements. We built a streamlined, market-aligned organizational structure based on the principles of customer orientation and profitability.
The competitive intensity in the German rail passenger transport market has been very high for years. With coordinated transport concepts, a contemporary fleet and convincing quality and good service we want to defend our market position as the largest regional transport service provider in Germany.  35,651 employees made sure everything ran smoothly.

DB Regio Trains

DB Regio served some 1.93 billion passengers in 2017, with a transport volume of 41.9 billion passenger kilometres. 5.29 million passengers an average took the train each day for a total of 22,698 train journeys daily. Trains were punctual an average of 94.4% of the time.

The segment is divided into seven regions, S-Bahn systems (BerlinHamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich) and regional networks. The head office in Frankfurt am Main is responsible for coordinating and managing it all.

DB Regio Bus

Deutsche Bahn is the largest provider of bus transport in Germany, serving some 632 million passengers in 2017. The buses need to meet high requirements specific to the region where they operate. Customers include over 400 administrative districts and independent cities. DB Regio Bus is optimally positioned to meet customers' needs. With over 40 companies and affiliates locally, it is responsible for keeping bus service running in much of Germany.

Deutsche Bahn operates a fleet of some 12,900 buses nationwide.