DB Vertrieb: professional sales management for passenger transport

Article: DB Vertrieb: professional sales management for passenger transport

DB Vertrieb GmbH is exclusively responsible for distribution and ticket sales for the passenger transport services of DB and many other transport operators. It connects rail services to some five and a half million passengers.

DB Vertrieb is also responsible for product management for a full range of passenger mobility services. With around 900,000 ticket sales and reservations each day, the DB affiliate has positioned itself as the leading provider of public transport sales services. Some 5.700 employees throughout Germany work for DB Vertrieb and its affiliates.

DB Vertrieb today primarily generates revenues for the business units via seven sales channels: internet/mobile, DB ticket machines, DB Travel Centres, DB Agencies, the ticket subscription centre, the telephone travel service and ticket sales on board trains. It also carries out revenue accounting. It finances itself through commissions that are determined by service agreements with its business partners.

Alongside the centrally managed Business Development and Customer Management After Sales, Online Sales, and Sales Commercialization Public Transport units, station sales channels have a regional structure led by the central Regional Sales unit. Special customer groups are directly served by international sales, national target group sales and corporate customer sales in the Business Partner Sales unit.

As an experienced back office service provider, DB Vertrieb offers its customers professional revenue accounting including clearing, accounting and reporting. The Cash Management unit of DB Vertrieb, with its extensive range of services – cash logistics, cash accounting, ticket machine management – is in particular demand from customers outside DB. Its portfolio sets it apart from other service providers.

DB Dialog, a Group company that provides sales-related services, is assigned to DB Vertrieb GmbH as an internal customer service provider.