DB Cargo AG

Article: DB Cargo AG

The DB Cargo Business Unit manages Deutsche Bahn's Europe-wide rail freight business. Its network comprises 16 subsidiaries in different countries.

With a strong network of its own subsidiaries, plus many partnerships and joint ventures with partner rail companies, DB Cargo offers almost full rail freight coverage throughout Europe.

DB Cargo is the only rail freight company in Europe that has a Europe-wide presence, supported by the company's own European production network, which it has consistently developed and enhanced over the years. DB Cargo employs some 30,000 people, who work to ensure efficient, customer-focused and eco-friendly management of international transport. Service at the European level accounts for nearly 60% of DB Cargo's transport volumes today. With some  92,000 freight cars and about 3,000 locomotives, DB Cargo has the largest fleet on the European continent.

DB Cargo's network comprises 16 subsidiaries, known as national companies. Each national company is led by a management team based in the country where it is located. The national companies are assigned to the five board divisions at DB Cargo (Chairman, Sales, Production, Finance and Human Resources) in a way that dovetails regional and functional management optimally, fostering an effective European network. In addition, internationally specialized sales, forwarding and logistics companies operate in national markets as well as across borders.

With some 4,200 private customer sidings in Europe, DB Cargo offers its customers access to one of the world's largest rail networks, providing rail transport in the form of block train, single wagonload and multimodal services. Tailor-made transport and logistics solutions are also available as additional services that can link the rail mode with road (trucking) and ocean freight service.

The key industries served by DB Cargo are metals and coal, chemicals, automotive, building materials, industrial and consumer goods, and intermodal transport. DB Cargo's customers are primarily key accounts. Most of the company's services are carried out using its own fleet of locomotives and freight cars.

A strong sales function at the European level serves customers across the DB Cargo countries, complementing the country-specific sales departments. A European service design function within production, and a European asset management function, optimize and integrate DB Cargo's European services.  DB Cargo has also been active on the Eurasian corridor for ten years. The new "DB Cargo Eurasia" sales unit is intended to further expand rail traffic between Europe and China.

DB Cargo also runs a special network of railports throughout Europe. This network is designed to serve customers who do not have their own direct connections to rail infrastructure. It offers universal, multi-functional logistics centers with high-capacity sidings.