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2017.12.13 12:00 Uhr

DB Schenker in Shenyang


Schenker Jinbei Logistics celebrates grand opening of the state-of-the-art Shenyang-Tiexi Logistics Center

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2017.12.12 08:00 Uhr

Berlin–Munich in less than four hours: Chancellor, Federal Minister and heads of the Federal Laender inaugurate the most modern railway line in Germany


Daily services at record speed: more trains and shorter journey times on many routes • Deutsche Bahn expects to double its market share between Berlin and Munich to 40 per cent

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2017.11.23 10:00 Uhr

Roland Bosch appointed new CEO of DB Cargo

Frankfurt am Main

Bosch, currently a Board Member at DB Netz AG, will assume his new position at the helm of Europe's leading rail freight company in December 2017

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2017.11.04 10:00 Uhr

CO2-free journey to Bonn


German delegation takes a DB special train to the 23rd UN Climate Change Conference • DB CEO Dr. Richard Lutz: "We have raised our climate targets and stepped up our efforts since Copenhagen

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2017.11.04 09:55 Uhr

2017 CDP score: DB makes the A List


CDP evaluates companies' global climate protection activities and transparency in reporting

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2017.10.30 16:00 Uhr

Statement to the proposals for the names of the ICE 4


It was not our intention to disrespect the memory of Anne Frank in any way whatsoever

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2017.10.23 10:15 Uhr

DB: Fifty percent less CO2 emitted by 2030 • Long distance transport to use 100 percent renewable power starting in 2018


DB sets new climate protection target ahead of UN Climate Change Convention in Bonn • DB's CEO Lutz: "Rail travel equals climate protection"

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2017.10.18 14:03 Uhr

Changes at DB Cargo

Frankfurt am Main/Berlin

Dr. Jürgen Wilder, the CEO of DB Cargo AG, has decided to withdraw his interest in the position of Board Member for DB Freight Transport and Logistics and to resign his post as CEO of DB Cargo AG at the end of October.

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2017.09.14 12:00 Uhr

Rhine Valley Railway


Services to recommence on October 2, five days earlier than planned • DB CEO Lutz: "Cooperation with Europe's railways is working"

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2017.08.25 17:30 Uhr

Rheintalbahn: the major European railways close ranks


Close cooperation between rail freight operators in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France • action package for the important north-south corridor: additional locomotives and drivers

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