Article: Wi-Fi

Wireless internet on ICEs, on regional trains and at stations

Free Wi-Fi has been available on ICEs since 2017. Now it's being rolled out to the Intercity fleet. Since summer 2019, DB has been making wireless internet avialable on its Intercity trains. Free Wi-Fi will be available on the entire long distance fleet by the end of 2021. DB is spending some EUR 30 million to equip around 1,000 Intercity cars with multiprovider technology, the same technology used on ICE trains.

The system connects to the fastest networks (LTE or UMTS) and can process higher volumes of data by bundling provider capacity in a smart way. The bandwidth available on the train always depends on the capacity of the cellular networks the system can connect to.

DB is also looking to make free Wi-Fi available to commuters on regional and local trains, along with additional attractive services. Rolling out Wi-Fi to regional and local transport isn't something DB can do alone; it will require the participation of local transport authorities. In addition to a number of pilot projects being conducted, Wi-Fi is now being made available in a few regional and local transport networks: the Elbe-Saale-Bahn, Expresskreuz Bremen, the Rhine-Main S-Bahn and the Stuttgart S-Bahn.

Deutsche Bahn offers passengers and visitors 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi at 127 stations throughout Germany.

DB will invest around two billion euros in central digitization projects over the next four years - including the expansion of the Internet offering for customers. Deutsche Bahn is currently building a seamless WiFi network for its stations and trains. Customers should be able to continue surfing comfortably after leaving the ICE at the train station without having to log in again.