Creating sustainable solutions for the future together

Article: Creating sustainable solutions for the future together

DB’s Ecosystem & Partnership Hub connects players in ecosystems.

In this age of digitalization, companies in the transportation industry are faced with challenges and increasingly demanding customer needs that they are not always able to fully manage or meet with their own resources alone. For this reason, DB has created Beyond1435 I DB, a point of contact within the Group that supports colleagues as they build strong partnerships within various ecosystems that are relevant to DB with the aim of transforming Deutsche Bahn into an ecosystem-oriented company. Durable partnerships are being established with a number of companies from industry and technology, as well as with associations and research institutions.

The synergies created by such cooperation will enable DB to develop forward-looking, technology-driven solutions for Europe’s transport industry on a scale that surpasses its own corporate boundaries. This could be embodied in development partnerships, collaborative projects, joint ventures or joint investments in companies, for example.

Production Tech

The Production Tech ecosystem unit connects both internal and external rail production stakeholders so that they can define customer-centric value propositions together. On this basis, strong and complementary technology partners are identified with whom the necessary efficiency, intelligence and reliability can be developed for rail operations in Germany.

Contact person:  

Dr. Christian Münnich

Sustainability Tech

The Sustainability Tech ecosystem unit aims to integrate new technologies and digital products to help ensure that the future of transport is holistically sustainable and environmentally friendly. A cooperative approach is being taken to build a strong network of partners and focus on innovative, ecological and customer-oriented solutions. Sustainability Tech is dedicated in particular to the topics of climate protection and carbon reduction, as well as resource protection and nature conservation.

Contact person:  

Florian Herz