DB Curbside Management

Article: DB Curbside Management

Efficient use of space for maximum mobility

Urban mobility is becoming increasingly diverse, while demand for space on our roadsides and streets is also rising. In recent years, new mobility services have been competing with existing modes of transportation for space in our towns and cities. Obstructed sidewalks and bike paths could cause dissatisfaction among residents and result in lower acceptance of new mobility offers and services.

Curbside Management brings together mobility providers (e.g. sharing services such as rental bikes or e scooters) with municipal authorities or public transport operators as partners, thus ensuring efficient use of publicly available roadside spaces. DB Curbside Management creates the basis for partnership, collaboration and innovation between the city, mobility providers and citizens and thus contributes to combatting traffic related problems. All these processes can be handled via one application named "DB Curbside Cockpit”, which has been developed by Deutsche Bahn for cities and administrations.

Digital and data based traffic and urban planning

The application "Curbside Cockpit" enables central monitoring of stops, parking spaces and their use across all forms of mobility and serves as a basis for optimal integration with public transport. 

Modern interfaces enable efficient communication between municipal administrations and mobility providers through clear rules and management options:

  • Geozone management
  • Automatic geozone communication to mobility service providers using the latest interface standards (MDS, GBFS)
  • Reports and analyses
  • Space usage monitoring
  • Process automation