DB Curbside Management

Article: DB Curbside Management

Efficient use of space for maximum mobility

Urban mobility is becoming increasingly diverse, and demand for space on our roads and streets is also rising. In recent years, we have seen new mobility offerings compete with conventional forms of transportation for this space in our towns and cities. When a sidewalk or bike path is clogged up, the people living in the area are unhappy and become less willing to accept new types of transportation and mobility.

For our towns and cities, today and tomorrow

DB Curbside Management brings different stakeholders together to form strong partnerships. Sharing platforms for bicycles and electric scooters can work with municipal authorities and public transport operators so everyone can make efficient use of all available roadside spaces. This team establishes the foundations for partnerships, innovations and cooperation between municipal authorities, mobility service providers and citizens, thereby contributing to combatting traffic-related problems in our towns and cities.

Traffic and urban planning with DB Curbside Management

Thanks to this team's innovations, an operations center can monitor stops, parking spots and their use by different vehicles, which sets the scene for optimum integration with public transport systems. Modern interfaces use clear rules and management options to facilitate smooth communication processes between municipal authorities and mobility service providers.

  • Geozone management
  • Automatic geozone communication to mobility service providers using the latest interface standards (MDS, GBFS)
  • Reports and analyses
  • Space usage monitoring
  • Process automation